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Skin Handbag -Black

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Carrying a Carlo Salvatelli bag means carrying with you Italian tradition, culture and love for beautiful leather. The designer has been around since 1975.

This bag is produced from the skilful hands of Carlo Salvatelli Stylist and Artisans and is made from Snake Skin, very durable and long lasting.

The bag has an inner compartment to secure sensitive material and also an outer compartment layer accompanied with two short handles and an additional long handle.

It is 12.5 Inches in Length, 5.5 Inches wide and 10.5 Inches High.

The bag has a blue interior made from leather and can seat on it own when place on a surface without support

This bag will make a perfect addition to every sophisticated woman's wardrobe collection.

Carlo Salvatelli Bags are genuine proof of Italian craftsmanship tradition.

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